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Genocide on Serbs in the Kosovo is being done on a daily basis

Albanian government constantly supports terrorism and violence to neighbouring states and nations

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At the very start of 21st century, before the eyes of the world community, a horrible genocide is being done in the very hearth of Europe. In the Serbian province of Kosovo, the hearth of ancient and Medieval Serbia, albanian terrorists are killing, terrorising, and moving away, Serbs and other Orthodox and non-albanian people. This crime against the humanity, this ethnical cleansing, the term discovered by Albanian political leaders and terrorists in the mid 20th century, is not being even criticized in public, thus giving the murderers the opportunity to continue doing the same.

We must remember that the situation today is like that from 1999, after the Serbian police and Army had to leave this territory before the bombs of NATO aggression. This NATO aggression was declared to have humanitarian reason, to protect the Albanian people in the Kosovo from the killings being done by Serbian Army. Not a single day after the Serbian police retreated for the province, mass killings, rapes, destruction of Serbian property, demolishing of entire Medieval Serbian monasteries has been do ne.. But, it continued till today. It is still being done.

Now days, an apartheid policy is de facto established in the entire Kosovo. Any move of any Serb in the Kosovo, without special KFOR (NATO soldiers) protection means death.


Why nothing is being done to stop this terrible crime today? Was the hypocrite political need to use Kosovo as an object of bargaining of USA and Europe?

Let us recall what happened in the former Yugoslavia, when the separatist republics such as Croatia, Bosnia, and others declared independence, and use the same pattern on Kosovo..

The Serbs fought to stay in Yugoslavia, (i.e.. to separate form these new republics), to stay tied with their relatives and brothers. But, their voice was not listened at all. Even NATO aviation made raids against them. In Croatia, in Bosnia..

By what pattern are Albanians and their voice different form Serbian one? Are the Serbs the only prey to eat in the Balkans?

Read more on the history of the problem >


a silent genocide of the 21st century

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